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Simple, Secure, Private, Accessible, Reliable, Affordable.

Accessible & Available

Access your emails from anywhere, on any device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) on your web browser or email client. 99.99% email availability.

Auto Mail Migrator

Migrate your current e-mails to our system easily at no extra cost. You get to start in your new mailbox will all your emails from before.

Two-Factor Authentication

Optional Time-based One-Time Password 2FA per mailbox ensuring flexibility and security that suits your particular needs.

High deliverability

Premium SMTP relays with carefully vetted IPs and excellent reputation to ensure near 100% deliverability to all major providers and ESPs.

AI spam & virus filtering

Spam classifiers based on artificial neural networks which learn from new attack patterns and respond in realtime.


High availability cloud servers, RAID protection & offsite data replication (7 daily + 4 weekly), Geo-redundant dual backup mail servers.

Simplified Pricing

Clear, Predictable, Transparent, Affordable



  • 3 mail boxes
  • 1GB Storage
  • Full Support


  • 12 mail boxes
  • 4GB storage
  • Full support


  • 30 mail boxes
  • 20GB Storage
  • Full Support


Design your own package that suits your needs best
  • Custom
  • Custom
  • Full support

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Frequently asked questions

Find the answer to your question.

Service activation largely depends on two factors
1. domain registration process
2. Speed of domain propagation.
However we usually get you up and running in way under 48hrs sometimes in as little as 2hrs.

International top-level-domains (TDLs) such as .com, .net etc are the quickest to register since registration is instanteneous.

Country specific TDLs like, etc, take slightly longer to register usually a couple of hours as they have some specific registration requirements and processes they are subject to.

Special status TDLs such as .ngo, .ong,, tend to be the slowest to activate due to stric registration and verification processes that require proof of status.

Speed of domain propagation is the time it takes for a domainname records appear all over the world such that they can be querried and found. Full propagation can take up to 48hrs

Only you have access to your emails. Once you set up your password, only you will have access to your emails. You also have the options to change or reset your password yourself using a secondary email you would have set for yourself.

Can we see your password? No, We are not able to see your password because they are stored in our system in an encrypted format. We can only help reset your password at your request.

Moving from your current service provider should be simple, easy and effortless. Just contact us and we will take care of the rest

No. There are none. We strongly believe in fully transparent billing. There will never be any hidden fees / charges. But, unpaid services will be suspended three days past the due date on the service and/or terminated seven days past the due date on the service.

We do not offer refunds for cancelled services or policy violations. If Grhosty Mail breaches its obligations set forth in the ToS, you will be entitled to prorated refund of any prepaid fees.

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Mqondisi Bhebhe

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Leona Mandengu

Marketing and Sales

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Farai Gorimani

Chief Technology Officer

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